Friday, September 25, 2009

Playing Susy Homemaker :)

So today was the first day in a while that I had nothing scheduled, and it felt fabulous! I woke up and walked my husband to work (the highschool is 1/2 mile from our house), then went for a 15 minute run. I covered about 1.7 miles... Then after a getting ready, I went down to my parent's house and my mom, sister and I went grocery shopping. We went to this awesome grocery store that gets all of the overstocks from other stores and sells them super cheap... Let's just say that at normal stores up here we spend atleast $80-100... yuck... and at this store? $45! hooray for saving money :) Afterwards, I had lunch with my mom and sisters, and we started planning my dad's suprise 50th bday party! I'm currently at home, doing wash, getting dinner ready, and watching oprah. What a great day!

Ok... random side note... Did anyone hear about the 19.2 lb baby born in indonesia! um, ouch?

Anyway... since getting married, we have made this house our home... painting, organizing, cleaning, entertaining... We like being busy! Unfortunately, I have been in the baking mood (I love cooking and baking for him!) and have enjoyed eating my baking too. My average weight over the past couple of years has been 136lbs... the day of the wedding I weighed in at 133 (mostly due to stress and dehydration)... currently I am 139.6 - I hate admitting that. I need to get back on track. Lately, I have been trying to include both protein and carbs in my meals, working on portion control, and trying to limit sweets. Seeing that I work 12 hour days this weekend, Monday is going to be my official start day. I am going to get back into documenting my food intake, it definitely worked before. Sorry for the lengthy post, thanks for sticking with me!

Till later... Mrs. H :)

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  1. You sound so settled in the new house! I can't wait until mine is finished being built-I want to play Susy Homemaker too!