Monday, September 28, 2009

Here we go again...

Despite being exhausted from working a longgg weekend, I was determined that today would be day one of my journey to health. My day began bright and early, before 6AM, and off I went to work. Breakfast was yogurt and some pretzels (190), Lunch was kashi cereal (210) and a banana (110), snack was (i couldn't resist) 3 sugar cookies (?300), dinner was fabulous ... made partly by my husband :) Teriyaki stirfry (chkn, broccoli, shrimp), sweet potato (with a little butter and brown sugar), and homemade applesauce (?500)... no dessert

And believe it or not, I actually dragged my tired butt to the gym today... I ran the 1/2 mile to the gym... Ran 15 min (about 1.7 mi) on the treadmill... lifted (upper body) for 20 min... then walked the long route home (about 1.2 miles). I'm exhausted, but feel great. I always find it amazing how I can find so many excuses to not go to the gym, but once I'm there I love it.

Well, I must get to writing a paper I've put off for weeks. Nothing like procrastinating... but hey, I have a good excuse now right? I have a husband to take care of :)

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  1. Beautiful blog!

    I applaud your self-discipline running to the gym and then exercising more! Good on you!